The Team USA Dynamic Warm-Up

Warm-up Drills
It is important that every that everyone develops a solid warm-up routine.  I really like the below drills because of the emphasis on the hips.  This warm-up must be done prior to each run workout.
  • 200m walk
  • 200-400m easy jog

  • Leg swings (10 right leg front to back, left, right side, left side)
  • Ankle rotations (10 right & left ankle, clockwise and counter clockwise)
  • Knee touches (3x 3-5sec each leg) into wall (toe 4+ inches from wall) to warm achilles.


  • Side high knee karaoke drill (10 yards on each side)
  • Alternating forward walkover “the hurdle” drill: high knee angled out and lift up & over imaginary hurdle (10 yards)
  • Walking while pulling knee to chest (while standing tall)
  • Walking pulling inner ankle up to chest (“Figure 4”)
DRILLS (1x 10 yards w/ 10 yard walk between efforts)
  • Walking lunges with pelvic tilt (hip flexor stretch)
  • Walking lunges with torso twist towards side of extended knee
  • Woodpecker (stand on 1 leg, bend at waist, touch ground w/ 2 hands, while the other pivots up and back to 90deg position from the ground)
  • Toe touches: Marching opposite hand to toe touches
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks (knee pointed to ground)
  • Straight legs (prime time)
  • Fast stutter steps with quick arms while driving elbows down & back
  • Crouching side step shuffle (out 20 yards & back 20 yards)
  • Side step jumping jacks with arms moving overhead (out 20 yards & back 20 yards)

Achilles, shins & ankle drills 1x 10 yards & 10 yard walk between efforts

  • Heal walk (walk on heals with toes pointed up)
  • Tip toe walk (walk on toes & heals)
  • Toes in walk (point toes towards each other, drive heals forward, heals should be slightly elevated)
  • Toes out walk (point toes out, drive heals forward, with heals should be slightly elevated)
  • Ankle rolled-in walk (inside of shoe)
  • Ankle rolled-out walk (outside of shoe)

STRIDE OUTS: Full recovery between efforts

Stride outs are short repeats that are usually between 60-100m in distance.  They are done at progressively faster speeds with full recovery.  Stride outs prior to a workout are used to gradually ramp to the intensity of the workout.  They are also used to reinforce good biomechanics and the recruitment of fast twitch muscle fibers. Low intensity workouts can do 2 stride outs.  High intensity workouts should include a minimum of the following:
  • 1 x 80m at 75-80% perceived exertion
  • 1 x 80m at 80-85% perceived exertion
  • 1 x 80m at 85-90% perceived exertion
  • 1 x 80m at 90-95% perceived exertion
  • 1 x 80m at 95-98% perceived exertion
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