Getting Started

An easy, step-by-step guide for first time users!

Signing Up

A step by step process on how to sign up and enroll into one of the programs! Simple and easy to do so there’s no reason not to sign up.

Metron Onboarding

We design the onboarding process to be easy and simple for you to understand. We need your data here to help us in personalizing your workouts. Watch the video to know how to do it!

Onboarding: 400m and 1mi time

This is a very important step in personalizing your workouts! This will determine your fatigue factor which is big factor in determining the right pace for your training. Watch the video to know more on how to set up the 400m and 1mi time!

Logging First Workout With Target Pacing

This is the fun part: logging your workout! When you go to your assigned workout you will be able to see the assigned exercise for you for the day and your target pace and time for that workout! You can also change the pace setting based on your training style. Watch to know more on how to do this!

Skipping Workout

We give you the capability to skip a workout in case you cannot do it this week. Watch the video to know how to do it!

Replacing or Deleting Exercise

There are times that we don’t have the equipment for an exercise or we find it too difficult or you’re injured. Worry not because we allow you to replace and delete an exercise based on your situations!  Watch to know more on how to do this!

Setting Unit of Measurement via Workout

In Metron we allow you to change your unit of measeurement (English or Metric) during logging your workout! Watch to know more on how to do this!

Resetting Performance Estimate

You can reset your performance estimate! If you have not been training for a few weeks and your pace changed then you can adjust your 400m and 1mi time to adjust to your current status. Watch the video to know how!

Submitting Your Weekly Assignments

When you finish all your workouts for the week, then a ‘Submit’ button will appear on the bottom of the screen. Submitting your weekly workout means getting also your next week’s workout! Watch the video to know how to do this.

Updating Basic Profile

Upload your profile picture, update your weight and height, update your preferred language, update your fat percentage! You can always update your personal information in our basic profile tab. Watch the video to know how!

Manage Subscription – Pause Account

We value your schedule so if you want to pause in working out for this month for a vacation or business trip then you can pause your subscription and resume whenever you are back. Watch to know more on how to do this!

Adding New Credit Card

Adding new credit card is easy as 123. Watch the video to know how!

Updating Past Workout Logs

Sometimes you can log the wrong data in your workout, you can always update it! Watch the video to know how!