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What's Better?  Long or FAST

What's Better? Long or FAST

1x (1200m, 500m, 1200m, 400m, 1200m, 300m, 1200m, 200m)
3min rest between each rep
Total: 6200m

Workout Details:
The goal of this workout is to maintain your finishing time consistency for each 1200m interval AND to hit the FAST target times for the 500m, 400m, 300m, and 200m intervals.

Workout Pace:
You pick the pace for the 1200s. However, I would recommend a target pace about 75-90 seconds per mile slower than your mile PR time. The goal for the 1200s is to have finishing time variance within 10sec between every 1200m interval.

As noted above, the pace for the 500m, 400m, 300m, and 200m intervals is FAST. What's FAST? Try hitting your mile PR pace for these intervals. In my opinion, the most difficult interval in this workout will be the 400m. Get through this sticking point and I believe you will be coasting to the finish.

Finishing Kicks

Finishing Kicks

1x (1700m, 1300m, 900m, 500m) w/ 5min rest between all efforts
Total: 4400

Workout Details: Alternate each interval with 200m at your 1 mile PR pace followed by an easy jog, and ending each interval with a fast 100m at your 400m PR pace.

As example you would perform the opening 1700m interval if your 400m PR is 1:40 and your mile PR pace is 8min: Run 200m in 2min, jog 200m run 200m in 2min, jog 200m, run 200m in 2min, jog 200m, run 200m in 2min, jog 200, run 100m in 25sec.

More to Less

More to Less

4x200m, 3x300m, 2x400m
60sec rest between reps
3min rest between sets
Total: 2700m

Workout Detail: Run 200m, rest 60sec, run 200m, rest 60sec, run 200m, rest 60sec, run 200m, rest 3min, run 300m, rest 60sec, run 300m, rest 60sec, run 300m, rest 3min, run 400m, rest 60sec, run 400m, done!!

Workout Pacing: The pace for every interval needs equal to your recent mile PR pace. As example, if your mile PR time is 8 minutes then your 200s should take 1min, your 300s should take 1:30, and your 400s should take 2min.

If you finish the workout and feel like you still have something more in tank then your mile PR time has improved. Not to worry because we will be testing a 6min max effort in a few weeks.

Holding Form

Holding Form

8x8sec hill sprint at a 12+% grade
or 8x8sec stair sprints
or 8x30m or 8sec sled push or pull
Full recovery between all reps (3-5min)

Workout Details: The warm-up will consist of a 1 mile easy jog, then our standard warm-up routine with dynamic drills plus 6x60m stride outs of increasing intensity and full recovery between efforts. The workout will end with a 1 mile easy recovery jog.

Workout Pacing: Build your sprint intensity during intervals 1, 2, & 3 (90%, 92%, 95%). Then push the intensity on 4-7 to 98%. And finish with #8 at 95%.

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