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Running Workouts


30 rounds: 40sec run at moderate pace with 20sec walking rest.

Workout Pacing: This workout has 1 pace. Focus on maintaining a consistent and sustainable pace for all 30 rounds.

Workout Details: 4 months ago a good friend had a filet mignon and a glass Los Valientes of dinner. Two hours after this dinner, he ran this workout. Last night I learned his wife is 4 months pregnant. He credits this run as the Baby Maker.



Part 1: 3x (200m at mod pace, no rest, 200m at mile PR pace). Rest 4min

Part 2: 3x (200m at mod pace, no rest, 100m at 400m PR pace, 100m walk). Rest 4min

Part 3: 1x (400m at max effort) with 400m walking rest.
Total: 3000m

Workout Details: This workout starts with 1200m of continuous running. The 1200m is broken up by alternating 200m at a moderate pace into 200m at a fast pace with no rest between reps.

Part 2 is also 1200m. This 1200m alternates between running 200m at moderate pace into 100m at a sprint pace, into 100m walking rest. No additional rest between reps.

Part 3 is 400m at max effort. Go for a new personal best!!



6 rounds: 2 minutes hill intervals, stair intervals, or sled pull intervals w/ walk back down to start or 3min recovery between sets


6 rounds: (100m at mod pace, 300m at mod/fast pace, 200m at fast pace) with no rest between reps and 3min rest between sets
Total: 2400m

Workout Details: The intervals in this workout should feel like a long, steady, aggressive, grind that gets progressively tougher and tougher (vs a max effort sprint).

Ideally, perform this workout on a moderate grade hill, a True Form, or treadmill at 5% grade. If not, I have provided a bunch of other equally acceptable alternatives.



2 rounds:
200m, 30sec rest, 200m, 30sec rest,
100m, 15sec rest, 100m, 15sec rest,
200m, Done..!!!
Total: 1600m

Workout Rest: 4min rest between rounds

Workout Focus: Control your opening 200m pace. This workout get rough once you get into the 100s. Focus all your attention on pushing the 2x100m FAST!!

Workout Pacing: The 200m pace target should be faster than you mile PR pace. Your 100s should target your 400m PR pace or faster.

Swim, Row, Bike Workouts


Experienced Swim Workout
Warm-up: Easy 50 free

3 rounds: [25 kick, 50 pull, 75 kick, 100 pull). All with 20sec rest between reps.

2 rounds: (25 fly/25 free), (25 back/25 free), (25 breast/25 free). All with 20sec rest between 50s.

1 round: swim 50, 100, 150, 100, 50 with fins. All with 20sec rest between each rep.

Warm-down: Easy 50 free
Total: 1600

Collide with Pain

Collide with Pain

5x100 meters at 2k row "Goal" pace
1x1000 meters at 2k row PR pace plus 12-13sec/500m
1x500 meters at easy pace
5x100 meters at 2k row "Goal" pace
1x500 meters must be faster than opening 500m interval
1x1000 meters must be faster than opening 1000m interval
5x100 meters at 2k row "Goal" pace
Total: 4500m

Workout Rest: 1min recovery after each interval.

Workout Pacing: The 5x100m are programmed to be fast. Your goal is to pick a FAST pace and hang on to that face for every round. Your 2k row Goal pace should be faster than your current 2k row PR. The 100s need to feel like a controlled sprint.




3x3min at moderate pace w/ 1min rest b/t reps
90sec rest

3x30sec at fast pace w/ 1min rest b/t reps
90sec rest

3x2min at moderate pace w/ 1min rest b/t reps
90sec rest

3x20sec at fast/sprint pace w/ 1min rest b/t reps
90sec rest

3x1min at moderate pace w/ 1min rest b/t reps
90sec rest

3x10sec at sprint pace w/ 1min rest b/t reps

Workout Pacing: This workout has 4 different pace. You will define the specific speeds for each pace. However, sprint is faster than fast and fast is faster than moderate. Focus on hitting the same pace for each specific intensity. Agreed?!!

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